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McKim Wood & Leather, LLC has more than thirty years of experience creating custom wood pieces of every imaginable kind for homes, offices, large and small budget movies and people just like you who know what they want and want it… better. 

At McKim Wood & Leather, LLC, we don’t turn out truckloads of the same design. We are not a manufacturing company.

We like to describe our business as creating functional art from wood. 


Our employees are both male and female, and all are masters of their craft with years of experience. Some are experts at creating exact replicas of historic designs, and some are experts at crafting new pieces that have subtle modern touches but will fit perfectly with their surroundings. 

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The Process of Custom

We will work with you to precisely measure and sketch out the items you want to build. If you have photos or sketches of features or design details that you want, please share them with us in the initial discussions. We will offer you style and fitting options for you to choose from. Then we’ll create a blueprint that you will approve before construction begins. We will do as much construction as possible in our workshop, but of course some pieces will require a final installation that must take place in your space. The amount of time our crews will need to occupy your space will depend on the final design.   

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