Please use this page to reach out to us, request a consult, design or estimate… or just to tell us that you love us or hate us!

Since all of our custom work is… well… custom… the first step to getting what you want the way you want it is to reach out.

It helps us to help you if you have some direction to get us started. Some things to think about and to provide includes, but is not limited to Examples of style(s) you like, Space limitations, Potential restrictions, preferred wood(s) if any, etc…

With regard to Set/Production Design jobs, we will, of course, need to read your script and see your schedule/budget to understand the scale of your production and to know the parameters in which we need to work. With our decades of experience, we love working on film and content productions and are thrilled to be able to offer our insight into your visual story along with suggestions for set, prop, and production design elements along with ideas about how to maximize your production’s spend and stretch every dollar to make sure more of your budget ends up on screen than in other, fancy company’s pockets.

We consider it a privilege and an honor that you have decided to submit an inquiry and we pledge to treat every aspect of your experience with the same care we use to build your dreams.

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