Building Local…


Local Mills

While there are, quite literally, hundreds of vendors around the country and around the globe from whom many woodworkers purchase their stocks, McKim Wood & Leather is dedicated to, not only, the durability and quality of product(s) that we deliver to our clients, but also and equally on working locally with mills and material providers in Central Kentucky. This is not to say that if a client has a specific piece of wood or provider to whom they are dedicated, that we will refuse a job… of course we are happy to work with what our clients want. However, we will always respectfully ask for permission to present our own options as well.

Material Selection

Generally speaking, the denser wood is, the harder it is to work with. But that density makes our pieces extremely durable, too. Soft woods and those from young, quickly grown trees are much more susceptible to rot and splitting. We will never use those materials in our products. 


We use only woods harvested with sustainable practices Some companies purchase their wood from just any supplier, which can contribute to deforestation and loss of wildlife habitat in many locales. McKim Wood & Leather, LLC purchases our wood supplies only from companies who are part of the Worldwide Sustainable Forestry Initiative.  Of course we try to always work with local Kentucky suppliers, but if your want is a rare piece of purple heart or cocobolo, we have other places we can go if need be to make sure you get what you want, the way you want it. 


We use the least toxic, most durable glues, stains and finishes We will consult with you about exactly how you want your pieces to look. Then we will polish them to a satin-smooth finish, using high-quality durable varnishes or oils as appropriate, and we will teach you how to care for these surfaces.