Set & Production Design


FIlm, TV, and content production in general is expensive. After securing everything a production needs to simply execute the technical side of production, it seems that with a lot of small, independent productions, what that technical spend is dedicated to capturing in camera often, and ironically, overshadows what goes in front of the lens.

A History Building Story

Character development, backstory and dimension are achieved through set and production design more than most people realize.

Our managing craftsman, George C. Romero, began his career in film designing and building sets and production pieces for films in 1995 and has since done so for more than 50 low budget, independent, short-form and long-form films.

With a history as a craftsman combined with his experience as a creative and visual storyteller, Romero has a unique perspective that allows McKim Wood & Leather to work with filmmakers to develop stunning, story-supportive sets, and design pieces that do more than just fill the frame.