Woodworking… Refined



Whether you were inspired by a friend, a piece you saw in a store or catalog, a natural formation or just your own desire to express yourself with a custom-designed piece of furniture, McKim Wood & Leather has you covered.

From small end tables, coffee tables or bookshelves to entire room systems for your living room, dining room or bedroom. 


Our larger pieces and room systems, obviously, require us to come to you. As an unfortunate side effect of this service, our installation services are limited to a reasonable distance from our shop just outside Lexington, Kentucky.  


A term we were pretty sure we coined until a quick search shot that dream out of the sky. Nonetheless, we like the word because it represents things we make.

As woodworkers, it generally not considered a day until at least some sawdust gets made.

As artists, we constantly try to make things that we make up.

These are uniquities. They can be wine racks, pencil holders, tool rolls, money clips, wallets or absolutely anything.

Yes we sell our uniquities. Yes we can re-create something we make and sell if you see something that’s no longer available.

Shop these things here.